The Wandering Ascetic, the new project band by Rudra’s frontman, Kathir, has inked a deal with Sonic Blast Media to release their new upcoming Ep, Manifest Destiny, on 15th March 2013 worldwide.

The Wandering Ascetic, the new project band formed by Kathir, frontman for pioneer vedic metal band, Rudra, along with long-time friend, Kannan, in late 2011. The band started of as a two piece band with Kathir handling vocals and guitar; with Kannan on drums. The band eventually recruited Jay, another long time friend to come on board as their new bassist. The three members were previously part of another band, 7th River, which disbanded halfway through recording their debut album.

“I started The Wandering Ascetic (TWA) with Kannan and Jay to create an outlet to express another side to myself. Something that I would not do with RUDRA because of obvious reasons. Musically TWA is a part of me that digs old school death metal & black metal… TWA also allowed me to pen ideas that I always wanted to write about.” states Kathir, Rudra’s frontman on forming The Wandering Ascetic.

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