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Sonic Blast Media is looking for bands to join our new family. If you think you (your band) fit the bill, then drop us a mail at

Please include the following information in your e-mail to us:

– Band name

– MySpace/Website Link, i.e. www.myspace/yourband

– Musical Style

– Contact Person

– A valid contact e-mail address.

To bands sending demos or submissions: we prefer to hear you/ your band from your ‘MySpace’ page, it’s the easiest way for us to check you out and also saves the environment and cost for you! While we try listen to everything we get (even if it’s for 30 seconds), please don’t expect us to get back to you. If we like what we hear, we will get in contact you in good time! So chill.

Distributors/Record Labels

If you are a label/distributor and are keen to license the music/ album of any of the bands on the roster, please contact us at

Concert Promoter/Booking Agency

If you are a concert promoter/ booking agent and are keen to present any of the bands on our roster for gigs and/or tour, please contact

Contact Us

Please contact us for specific reasons.

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