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Underground Sounds 01
AOTS - Come Hither O Herald of Death
Welcome to Sonic Blast Media
The new EP from THE WANDERING ASCETIC's Manifest Destiny is now out.

The Wandering Ascetic, the new project band formed by Kathir, frontman for pioneer vedic metal band, Rudra, along with long-time friend, Kannan, in late 2011. The band started of as a two piece band with Kathir handling vocals and guitar; with Kannan on drums. The band eventually recruited Jay, another long time friend to come on board as their new bassist. The three members were previously part of another band, 7th River, which disbanded halfway through recording their debut album.
Sweden's NECROCURSE's GRIP OF TEH DEAD is now availlable from SONIC BLAST MEDIA.

Click here to purchase NECROCURSE'S Grip of the Dead.
1st March 2013 marks the release of PURVAJA-Dark Goddess Divine.

Formed in 2011 by founder, Rahul Das, Purvaja (meaning: Primordial) is a one man vedic/black metal act hailing from Hyderabad, India. With influences spawning from various genres of Black metal and Vedic metal music, Purvaja combines elements of Vedic culture, Hindu Philosophy, Mythology and other related theologies into its lyrical theme whilst incorporating a the raw black metal style infused with Indian classical influenced guitar work/drum patterns; to evoke the essence of 'what our ancestors have left behind for us which is slowly becoming oblivion in this modern world.' This is the mission of Purvaja.

Dark Goddess Divine pays homage to the Hindu deity, Kali, the goddess of destruction and death. Written, composed, produced and performed by Rahul Das,

To purchase a digital copy of DARK GODDESS DIVINE, click Digital

To purchase a physical copy of DARK GODDESS DIVINE, click CD

Newly arrived CDs from Sonic Blast Media.

Sunday, 24 February 2013 00:12
Newly arrived CDs from Sonic Blast Media.

1. Deceased- Surreal Overdose (Limited Edition)
2. Barbatos - War! Speed & Power
3. Contorted -Clinically Dead
4. Dismantle - Enter the forbidden
5. NATAS - Deathcore 1985-1993 (Double CD pack)
6. Church of the Dead - Stay out of my grave

Limited quantity and reasonably priced!

Click here for more details.


Saturday, 09 February 2013 16:01
ULCER's Grant Us Death and SKINEATER's Dermal Harvest are now availlable on SONIC BLAST MEDIA.

Click here to purchase ULCER's Grant Us Death 
Click here to purchase SKINEATER's Dermal Harvest
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